School Meals

Our meals are cooked on site using fresh ingredients. We offer a Hot School Meal, which we strongly encourage all children to enjoy. You will find a copy of our menu at the bottom of the page.

Children in Reception to Year 2 receive free meals as part of the Universal Free School Meals scheme. If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals, please click the link below as the School is able to access additional funding to support your child's education if you are eligible for Free School Meals.

Free School Meals Scheme and Application.

For all other children, there will be a cost of school dinners per meal which must be paid for in advance at the start of each week. You can of course pay for a month or longer, in advance. More details will follow in due course. 

We operate a cashless office so payments should be made online at WisePay - link below:

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