Local Governing Body

Wymondham College Prep School's Local Governering Body is working alongside the Interim Excutive Board during the school's first year of operation. The Interim Executive Board is made up of the Trust's Trustees and Members.

The Chair of the Local Governing Body is Mr Tom North who can be contacted via the Prep School using the following address:

Mr Tom North
Chair of Local Governing Body,
c/o Wymondham College Prep School,
Golf Links Road,
NR18 9SZ

The Governing Body currently comprises of the following members:-

Tom North (Chair)
I have been involved with school governance at the Trust since 2016 and have two children at Sapientia schools.  It is a challenging and rewarding role, but essential in helping to make sure every child can flourish.  Please feel free to contact the governing body through the school office if you have any questions or comments. 

Dominic Atkinson
I am currently Deputy Head Co-Curricular at Gresham’s School responsible for the delivery of sport, music, drama and all other extra-curricular activities at the School. I have been at Gresham’s for 13 years as firstly Head of Geography and most recently as Housemaster for 8 years. I have extensive experience of the boarding system, principles and practice and am delighted to be part of the governing body at Wymondham Prep.

Leigh-Ann Greenough
As a parent of two children, one of which was a founding member of the Prep School in September 2020, I feel it is important to support the school in helping them not only to meet all requirements but also to succeed beyond to create an excellent learning environment that strives for high achieving, independent, empathetic, and creative children. As a Governor I believe ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic direction to be a vital role and one that I am privileged to be part of.

Dr Apostolos Kourtis
I am Associate Professor in Finance and the Head of the Finance Group at Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia. I have held various teaching, research, operational and strategic roles in the education sector for more than 20 years, and seek to use my experience to contribute to the Prep and its wider community. I am particularly passionate about the use of technology in education and the promotion of computer literacy. I am an advocate of introducing essential financial concepts to pupils from a young age. I am married with two sons, one of which attends the Prep.

Michael Roughsedge
I am a proud daddy to my two wonderful children, one of whom was a founding member of Wymondham Prep when it opened in September 2020 . Professionally I have spent my entire working life in Primary Education in a variety of roles, including teaching across the age range from Nursery to Year 6. I have extensive experience of supporting Norfolk Schools with their school improvement journey. I support and challenge Governing Boards as part of my working day and I have experience as a governor from being on a number of appointed Interim Executive Boards (IEBs). It is a privilege to be a Governor, and I am excited about working with Wymondham College Prep to ensure it thrives.

Peter Rout
Peter is Chair of the Trustees of Sapientia Education Trust and sits on the Governing Body as the Interim Executive Board (IEB) set up for establishing the school, transitions to a Local Governing Body (LGB).

Katie Francis 
I am really pleased to be a governor and hope through my role I can support the school to be the best it can be for pupils, staff and parents. I have spent the last 18 years working on projects that improve outcomes for young people and I am excited to bring this passion to the Prep school.

Caryl Taylor

Jennifer Scott




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