Reading and Phonics

At Wymondham College Prep School, we aim to develop a lifelong love of reading in our pupils. We provide opportunities for pupils to establish good habits in reading, we appreciate it as a subject in its own right and use skills taught to access the wider curriculum.


In line with Department for Education expectations, we have carefully selected a structured systematic synthetic phonics programme Little Wandle Letters and Sounds that enables our pupils to progress through the phases at an appropriate and progressive pace. We start teaching phonics in Reception and the programme ensures children build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code, mastering phonics to read and spell as they move through school.

More information on the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds programme and support for parents/carers can be found here:

Our high-quality phonics teaching enables our pupils to develop their reading, writing and spelling. This helps develop the crucial skills of word recognition that enables our pupils to develop fluency in their reading, thus enabling them to read with meaning and enjoyment.

Phonics is taught daily in Reception and Year 1. Children make a strong start in Reception as teaching begins in Week 2 of the Autumn term.

We appreciate that children make progress at different rates, and if at any point a child needs additional phonics support, we do this through regular 1:1 and group sessions.

All phonics lessons and group sessions are taught fully trained staff members.

Whole Class Reading

All pupils have the opportunity to take part in a shared reading experience in their class guided by an adult. We use a range of text types from a selection of reading schemes, as well as a selection of non-fiction texts, such as newspapers, chronological reports and diaries, to ensure that our pupils experience a broad range of texts and subjects. Our high-quality texts are carefully chosen in order to meet the academic needs of each year group, with the ‘Whole Class Reading’ model providing all our pupils with the opportunity to discuss the texts and answer questions.

Individual Reading

Opportunities for individual, paired and group reading take place throughout the curriculum with pupils enjoying regular experiences of reading throughout the school day and through a range of subjects. They may be researching information on the internet or using non-fiction books in History or Geography, or finding out about processes in Science.

Phonics and Reading at Home

We value support from home and we encourage all our children to read every day. We understand that for many parents supporting their child’s phonics learning can be a daunting prospect. However, regardless of the way you learnt to read, it is still easy to inspire your children and you will probably find you know more about phonics than you think.

What is most important is to take an interest in what your child is learning and help them put reading into a wider context of enjoyment and finding out information. This includes reading to, reading with, talking about books and characters along with specific reading where the child can read every word. This gives children the opportunity to see themselves as a successful reader.

Please do not be anxious about supporting your child’s development of phonics and reading; it is about supporting your child, and then demonstrating an enthusiasm for reading that is so influential.

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