Talk 4 Writing

At Wymondham College Prep School, literacy is delivered using Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ approach. Talk for Writing is used to teach fiction, non-fiction and poetry through a multi-sensory approach. There are three main stages:

IMITATION – familiarisation

This involves retelling a story or text until it can be told fluently. It also involves analysing the text and understanding the structural and language features.

INNOVATION – adapting the text

This involves using the model from the ‘imitation’ phase and developing the text even further.

INDEPENDENT APPLICATION – creating your own text.

This involves building up a new story or text and applying the features taught throughout the unit to independent writing. To support this, we use a range of high-quality texts to engage all pupils and allow them to write for a purpose. We incorporate classic children’s literature, including ‘Peter Pan’ and 'Shakespeare', to further develop our children's skills.

Spoken Language is integrated throughout our curriculum. We place a high emphasis on learning vocabulary across the subject areas and weave in opportunities for application.

We also link teaching closely to our ‘Talk for Writing’ units of work. This includes creating story maps, oral rehearsal of texts, drama, language games, sentence construction and grammar activities.


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