Vision and Values


Our aim is “to provide a world class education locally, enabling every pupil to flourish.” 

We believe that high quality schools are characterised by the combination of high expectations and a wide range of high quality, educational activities and experiences through which children can learn. We actively encourage curiosity, creativity and questioning and our Primary schools are all committed to providing an abundance of opportunities for children to learn beyond the classroom. Our schools are vibrant, inclusive communities where each child is well known and supported to be a happy, confident learner. 

We have high expectations of everyone in our community; our teachers will be ambitious for themselves and their pupils. Through our school we ensure that staff have access to high quality professional development and learning networks that ensure that they are at the cutting edge of educational thinking. 


Building upon the successes we have already had in our other primary schools, Wymondham College Prep School, or the Prep, uses a wide range of proven strategies to ensure that our pupils learn effectively.   

Our core values are EFFORT, KINDNESS and CHARACTER and it follows that our motto is ‘TRY HARD, BE KIND, BE YOU.’   

High expectations underpin our work. We expect all pupil at The Prep to try hard and put in maximum EFFORT in all that they do. This extends to them being curious and inquisitive learners and in them making the most of every available opportunity.   

School should be an enjoyable place for children to learn. We have a strong desire for all pupils at The Prep to be happy and KIND to themselves. We will go to great lengths to ensure that they are. We expect everyone within our school community to be KIND and considerate of others as well as being KIND to the environment that surrounds them. We expect them to learn about the benefit of a community where people are prepared to put the needs of others before their own.  

Whilst there is an emphasis placed on academic success, The Prep is a place where we want those who attend to grow in CHARACTER. We promote a strong sense of community and family at The Prep along with personal responsibility for learning and behaviour. Everything we do is designed to help our children grow into confident, well-rounded adults who will make a strong contribution to society.  

We believe by holding these four values at our core that pupils who attend The Prep will enjoy the experience and thrive and that they will be best prepared for the next steps of their educational journey whether at Wymondham College or otherwise.


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