Meet our Staff


Mr Simon Underhill - Headteacher, ADSL 

Mr Jon Timmins – Assistant Headteacher, DSL and Head of Underwood Hall 

Mrs Sarah Browning - SENDCo 

Teaching Staff 

Miss Sophie Clements – Reception Class Teacher 

Mrs Sarah Ward - Reception Class Teacher 

Mrs Charlotte Dixon – Reception Teacher 

Mrs Freya Simpson – Class Teacher

Mrs Jacqui Derry – Class Teacher 

Miss Connie Taylor – Year 1 Class Teacher 

Miss Amelia Sharp – Year 1 Class Teacher 

Miss Lesley Rix – Year 2 Class Teacher 

Miss Claudia Brown – Year 2 Class Teacher 

Miss Danielle Melton – Year 5 Class Teacher, ADSL 

Mrs Laura Hodgetts – Year 6 Class Teacher 


Miss Amy Broderick - Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Violet Hindle – Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Vicki Trigg - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (SEMH) 


Miss Kerri Chapman – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Alison Thompson – Teaching Assistant 

Ms Joanne Harper-Brown – Teaching Assistant 

Ms Caroline Howman – Teaching Assistant 

Ms Megan Bowe – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Jacqui Wright – Teaching Assistant 

Underwood Hall (boarding) 

Mrs Vicki Trigg – Deputy Head of Underwood Hall 

Mrs Olena Sutcliffe – Matron 

Alison Hewitt – Matron 


Mrs Sara Nash - School Secretary 

Ms Rebecca Milk - Administration Assistant 

Catering & Dining 

Mrs Lauren Ward – Midday Supervisory Assistant 

Mrs Karen Anderton – Catering Manager 

Mrs Jessica-Leigh Harvey – Chef  

Julia Monument – Chef  

Sarah-Jane Ford - Chef 


Mr Richard Gould – Caretaker 

Mrs Lynn Alford – Cleaner 

Mrs Karen Morgan – Cleaner   

Mrs Sandy McCormack - Cleaner

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