Curriculum Overviews

Our focus on providing a world class learning experience begins in our beautiful Early Years setting where foundations for future success begin. Our EYFS children learn through the continuous provision of play-based provocations and experiences, exploring and discovering learning for themselves and the world around them, in highly engaging classroom settings and a bespoke outdoor learning environment. A more direct instruction teaching approach is adopted for the all important teaching of phonics, number and early writing, ensuring that central core knowledge and skills are developed so that the rest of the curriculum is easily accessible and can flourish as the children transition to the National Curriculum in Year 1.

The Programmes of Study below present a very broad outline of the content of our curriculum from EYFS - Year 6. 


In our subject overviews below, you will see that the curriculum is designed to be knowledge-rich, with core knowledge and hinterland knowledge being carefully sequenced, ensuring that the children's understanding of key concepts and their schema of the world progressively builds. Core skills are also clearly displayed and are frequently revisited across subjects helping ensure the children feel confident and can experience success as they progress term on term, year on year. You'll notice that each subject's curriculum overview is also framed with Experiences & Provocation opportunities, I wonder... rhetorical questions to grab the children's curiosity and Vocabulary lists to support learning in each unit of work. 







We aim for the children to experience the curriculum through questioning and challenge with the rich addition of elements of ouf school's 'Prep Life' enrichment offer. We are lucky to have such a well resourced school, helping bring our learning to life. 

We benefit from a Specialist Subject classroom used for Art, Music, Science and Design & Technology lessons where possible, and enjoy our own Forest School woodland classroom with plenty of green space in and around the wider College campus. 

Children with additional needs

At Wymondham College Prep School, we work tirelessly to ensure that the curriculum we are delivering to our pupils can be accessed by all, no matter what their need. We do not believe in putting a lid on pupils learning by restricting or narrowing our curriculum offer. We want all pupils to be able access the curriculum at all levels. For some pupils, this might mean that we need to tailor the curriculum so that it is the right fit for them. We will scaffold, support, differentiate and resource in different and unique ways, as required, to ensure that not only we meet our aim of allowing every child to flourish, but also to meet our statutory requirements of the Equalities act 2010 and Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

For further information about Wymondham College Prep School’s curriculum offer, please contact Mr. Simon Underhill

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